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Argon Spinning Limited

Argon Spinning Ltd. was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 20 March, 2011 under the Companies Act 1994. The factory is situated in Habigonj district of Bangladesh. The commercial operations of the company started in May 2016.

The factory is set up with 14400 Ring Spindles which is planned to make double in near future and 800 Rotor along with Carding, Drawing, Winding, Finishing unit, own Power Generator, advanced Testing Equipment and other necessary facilities.

The main products are Carded Ring Yarn, Carded Open End Yarn made with 100% cotton and Carded Cotton-Elastane Core Spun Yarn. Ring machines have 100% capacity to produce Slub yarn where Rotor has 50% Slub capacity.

The company currently producing coarser count of Yarn range from Ne 6/1 to Ne 20/1 in Ring and from Ne 7/1 to Ne 16/1 in Rotor. Finer count will be introduced when new Ring setup will be installed as planned. The present monthly production capacity is 24 Ton in total with 16 Ton in Ring and 8 Ton in Rotor.

The yarns produced at the factory are sold to different export oriented Woven Fabric Producing companies through the nomination of foreign buyers of garments.

Advanced production equipment, strict quality control systems, robust sample development capability and well established design and marketing network contribute to our growing reputation in this industry.